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Daisy Deng

Picturebook maker | Illustrator

Freelance illustrator. Born and raised in China, and studied in Britain for nine years. She studied Mathematics for her Bachelor Degree, and followed by a Master Degree in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. She worked as an Art Editor in Beijing for 3 years, and decided to work as a freelance illustrator to fulfill her dream of being a professional picturebook maker. In her spare time, she loves painting, photography, and go to exhibitions in museums all over the world.

邓  楠

绘本创作者 | 插画师

在中国出生长大,在英国生活9年。本科数学系,研究生毕业于剑桥艺术学院的儿童绘本插画专业。曾在二十一世纪出版集团任美术编辑。现专注于插画创作,致力成为一个专业的picturebook maker(既是绘本的作者也是绘者),希望自己做一个真诚的艺术创作者。平常喜欢画画、摄影和去世界各地逛博物馆看展览,喜欢音乐,喜欢大自然。

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